McDo! ^^

This blog is fucking messed up.

Crying because I left Japan already and my parents didn’t come with me and I miss them and Japan so much and I’m so jet lagged that I can’t sleep and I’m not used when my parents are thousand miles away from me and I’m alone in this lonely house and my vision is so blurry because of the tears. I want to stop but it hurts a lot knowing the fact that I don’t know when they will come home and I don’t know when I’ll be back again. I loved Japan too much.

Spring will be over soon.

I came here to say that I have no fucking wireless internet and I’m pissed fucking fuck fuck WiFi.

(via suicideblonde)

I hope everything will get better tomorrow.

I want to starve myself.

So people won’t ask me about my weight anymore.

I used to be happy.

I feel pretty depressed for the past few days that the only thing I wanted to do is cry and cry and cry until I fall asleep and never wake up.

I love top comments on the internet more than yous.

High School will be fun they said.


One more year. :<

Identity crisis.

I want to know what it feels like to see a guy holding a boombox outside my window.